Henrik Ibsen & our app

In 1862 Henrik Ibsen began his famous scholarship-funded journey, through Gudbrandsdalen to Lom and over the Sogn mountain, eventually travelling north to Sunnmøre and Romsdal, before he returned to Christiania. 

Henrik Ibsen is a world renown playwright who visited Hellesylt in 1862. In his famous play  "Brand" we see a clear connection to the small village Hellesylt. This is something you can read more about in our app. The word "Brand" means "fire" in Danish, Norwegian (at the time), Swedish, Dutch and German. 

Ibsen@Hellesylt is an app where you get the chance to learn more about Hellesylt and Henrik Ibsen. If you want to find out more about Henrik Ibsen himself and his world known play "Brand",  download our completely free app in the App Store and Play Store.