About us


Malene O. Linge-Valdal


Malene is the manager and has been working with the app for more than a year. She is the one responsible for the entire operation and makes sure everyone is included. She also manages the technical parts about making the app.

Hannah Olin Muri

Information manager

Hannah is responsible and makes sure that the sun shines on everyone in the group. Her responsibility is mainly information and making sure everyone knows whats going on and that everyone has the same access to information.

Julie Helena Aklestad

Employees manager

Managing all the employees suits Julie. She is perfect for this job and is positive. Her positivity, makes it natural for her to include everyone. She makes sure that everyone is present and that everyone feels equally included in the company. 

Tuva Kristine Brandli Korsnes

Marketing director 

The market is a big part of the app to be responsible for. The market has to be safe enough to ensure some kind of profit but it also needs to be evaluated. This task is perfect for Tuva who has a natural talent for analysing. 

Sofie Berge Sæbø

Economics chief  

The money does not run itself and a budget does not just appear. Sofie makes sure that all the money is distributed properly and that it is used where it is needed. Thanks to her rational, clear mind she handles the job with both discretion and ease.

Goda Tkacenkaite

Product manager

Managing the product demand a creative soul. Goda is perfect for this task due to her knowledge and creativity. Without her we would not have the guarantee of a safe, secure product that meets today's standards.